úterý 1. dubna 2014

The difference between men and boys...

...is only the size of their toys.

This morning I met the Experience. The Experience is something what happens to You once, twice, in maximum three times a year, but You will remember it for the rest of Your life. Very early, exactly ten minutes after the opening, I was going through trade centre in order to buy my obligatory donut and coffee. I was walking in quiet customerless halls, my steps were creating a multiple echo and however, I was digging in my handbag. Every woman that needs to take out something smaller than 2 litres bottle of watter from her handbag, has to dig. While looking for my morning 20 crowns, I saw a move in front of me. Unusual, rustling, calm move. I lifted up my curious eye from the document box and I saw a very interesting scene. Two men, I underline the word MEN, because at sure they were not 20 years old boys, were crossing my way. One was sitting on the pallet truck like a small Budha, the second one was pushing him and their strict look was telling me not to try to say a word or to smile. This was a serious deal, they were playing and I was not allowed to laugh. I didn´t. Inside of me I was rolling on the floor laughing, but to them I just nodded my head. When we passed, I´ve heard quiet conversation which ended by "No no no, no changes, we said up to the storage."
Grown men.
Early morning at work.
And such a beautiful game.

4 komentáře:

  1. Doufám, že od druhého opět česky :-)

  2. Tak na to jsem moc stará.Prdíííím na to.

  3. Já naopak angličtinu oceňuji , jen tak dál:-)

  4. Úplně to vidim - krása! :)


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